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#1 We foster the sale of local products

The pandemic and the confinement have generated a crisis that has led the proximity producers and farmers to be one of the most damaged collective, especially it driven small businesses and self-employed, that have no means of carrying out electronic commerce, to an uneasy situation.

For this reason, our team has developed an innovative platform, ProxiShop, that fosters the commercialization of proximity agri-food, this way, making it possible to businesses and self-employed to register, get to know themselves in the community, get promoted and sell their products through the platform.

#2 Proximity products

From fields to your doorstep. This is our mission is to distribute zero kilometre food. Products which are grown or produced in such a close environment have a series of benefits regarding quality and health.

Whether you want to improve your alimentary habits, get to know the producers of the food you consume or to reduce your carbon footprint and help the economical viability of Catalan agriculture, ProxiShop is for you.

#3 Fast and efficient delivery

When you make an order in ProxiShop, it does not matter whether you have bought products from different shops or if the selected products require cooling to be properly conserved. We manage the logistics, both, for producers and end users.

Food requiring refrigeration will be sent by means of a delivery service ensuring the proper temperature so that it does not get spoilt. Moreover, if your order consists of several products that require refrigeration and others do not, we will split the packages so that the delivery gets the most economical possible.

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